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Remote Patient Monitoring solutions that truly embody the next generation of healthcare technology.

Why MultiHealth Associates?

Improve the quality of care, reduce healthcare costs and enhance patient outcomes.​

Remote Patient Monitoring is an innovative solution that can revolutionize patient care. By leveraging advanced technology and data analytics, it enables real-time tracking of patients' health status, facilitating earlier intervention and personalized treatment plans. It also increases patient engagement and reduces healthcare costs by identifying potential health issues before they become severe.

MultiHealth Associates

Features & Benefits

We understand that the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, which is why we are constantly monitoring industry trends, researching new technologies, strategies and adapting our approach to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.


Keep your patients engaged in their healthcare plan.  Results in improved adherence to care plan and outcomes.

Monitor and Manage

Monitor and manage your patients 7/24. Monitor effectiveness  and track the follow-up care being provided.

Healthcare Claims

Revenue recovery through payment reconciliation and elimination of manual data entry.  Reduces AR days and expenses.

Audit Technology

Billing cycle audit tech captures billing errors and un-billed services that generates incremental revenue.